Studio Practice

This week was about working in the studio and playing around with the lighting, colors, settings, etc.

My first model was Jared.


(I didn’t even have to tell him to do anything; he just went for it)

The settings were…

-ISO: 100

-SHUTTER SPEED: 1/160 of a second

-APERTURE: f/5.6

I can’t remember the exact settings of the flash and the lights, but I think that the flash was at a higher power.

I did some slight adjustments to it, but not so much that the lighting is thrown off.

The same settings and same flash power for the next two pictures. I was a little nervous to mess with anything at the time.



This last one turned out to be a bit darker, because I messed up in Lightroom.

On Monday, Kylie was my model. I figured I needed to redo my pictures, because I hadn’t really moved the lights at all.


First try: it turned out completely black, except for a sliver of light at the top.


-ISO: 100 (I knew that this was right)

-SHUTTER SPEED: 1/1000 of a second (I figured this was okay but it was too high)

-APERTURE: f/5.0 (had no idea if this was right)

Then, Kylie pointed out that there was a card on the wall that told you what settings were best. So I adjusted accordingly and then started again.


(There was a picture frame in the Martin Van Buren room that we liked)

I like the lighting okay, but I think it could be brighter.

I didn’t do much editing, just because I wanted to keep it pretty close to the original (for criticizing). However, I did crop it because I wasn’t paying attention and was getting some of the wall in the background.


-ISO: 100

-SHUTTER SPEED: 1/125 of a second

-APERTURE: f/9.0

Then I stuck with these settings for the rest of the shoot.


It’s slightly brighter here. I think that I turned up the power on the flash rather than the soft box. This lit up the background more, which is what I wanted to do. I probably could have turned the soft light up or brought it closer to her face.


Next I put an orange slide thing on the flash. You can sort of see it in the bottom right corner. It didn’t show up like I was expecting, though.



I can’t remember in which picture I had added a yellow slide with the orange, but it’s probably one of these two (above). I also turned the power up a bit and pointed the flash towards the background. It still didn’t show up as much as I would have liked, but it looks okay.


I took the color things out because I didn’t want them showing up on the background anymore. I think that this picture turned out pretty good, considering that her face is lit up and the background isn’t too dark.


I like how this one turned out  better than than last one. Her face is nice and bright, and the background is pretty bright compared to before. Personally, that’s how I like the pictures to look  but I know that not everyone is that way. I think that I moved the soft light closer to her and turned the flash power up.


Here’s the last one. She is turned away from the soft light and I think that the flash power is slightly lower than before. This one looks good but personally I would brighten it up in Lightroom if I were using this picture for something.

Like this…


So that’s all of the studio pictures that I have. I feel like I got good practice with studio lighting and whatnot and took some good pictures to look at and learn from.



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