Lighting Practice

This weekend I practiced with a light set. It has a flash, transmitter, and soft box (as well as a stand). I had a sheet draped over two doors in my house and used it as a backdrop.

The first couple of pictures came out dark because the flash wasn’t going off when I shot a picture. I don’t remember why, but the transmitter and flash probably weren’t on the same channel.

lighting practice-9

You can see that without the flash, the picture is completely dark.


-ISO 400

-SHUTTER SPEED 1/20 of a second


lighting practice-1

Once I finally figured it out, the picture started to get brighter. I don’t know exactly what settings I had for the flash, but I imagine that it was on 1/128 for power or something like that. If I remember correctly, I had the light off to the right and facing directly at my dad. But notice that there are quite a few shadows on his face, especially around the eyes.

SETTINGS: Same as previous picture

lighting practice-2

In this picture, I had the light pointed at the sheet instead of his face. It isn’t something that I would usually do if I were taking pictures for business reasons, but I was just practicing with the light and how its position affects the picture. I don’t believe that I changed the flash settings here.

All the other settings are the same as before.

lighting practice-4

I moved the light to the left side instead, shining it directly on his face. I probably kicked the flash power up, too. This lit up more of his face than before, but then the background is dark and there are still some shadows on his face.

For settings, I changed the shutter speed to 1/25 of a second.

lighting practice-3

The flash is still to the left, however the power is lower. I probably pulled the stand back a little bit, too. This makes the picture darker overall, but I think that it’s possible to fix it in Lightroom.

lighting edit-2

Same photo, but the exposure/highlights/shadows are fixed a little bit.

lighting practice-8

I think I that I moved the lights towards me a little more in this picture. I also noticed that the background was showing a little bit of the wall and door frame, but I wasn’t too worried because that’s not what my focus was. I’d say that as far as how I like the lighting to be, this is pretty good.

The camera settings are the same as before.

lighting practice-7

Again, the background is becoming distracting here. I had my dad look at the light, and this way his whole face was lit up and didn’t have any shadows really.

lighting practice-5

This is one of the pictures where the flash wasn’t firing off or I didn’t have it close enough. lighting edit-3

But in Lightroom, I can at least fix it some. This doesn’t look as good as if the flash had been bright enough in the first place, but it’s better than if I had to use the original picture.

lighting practice-6

Here, the lighting is pretty good. It’s not so dark or so light that I can’t fix anything in Lightroom. My guess would be that I had the power higher than before, maybe 1/64.

lighting edit-6

Here is the picture with some adjustments made to the exposure and color. Personally, I like it better this way. I feel like the original was a little dull (as far as the actual look of it goes, otherwise the subject is exciting).


Here is another picture where the flash was far away and on a low setting. If I needed to use this picture for whatever reason, it would be too dark.

lighting edit-5

Here is what it looks like with the exposure adjusted. I also cropped out the door frame so that it isn’t in the picture and isn’t distracting.

I really like this lighting set, it makes for some nice pictures. It’ll be neat to use it in the future.



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