Clones Gone Wild

The assignment this weekend was a throwback to photo 1 and 2: Clones Gone Wild or Multiplicity Photography.

I wanted a refresher on how to do this, so I went here for that. I was going to use my nephew for this so I took a look at this article for some tips on photographing kids. Thankfully, he’s pretty photogenic as it is and doesn’t mind being in front of the camera.

I started out with a blue sheet as the backdrop and zoomed in sort of close–so there wasn’t much space for moving around.









jasper clone

Here was the final image, after editing it in photoshop. First, I opened up one picture. Then I “placed” another into that one, and added a layer mask. Then I continued to “place” pictures in and layer mask them. Once I had as many as I wanted, I added a levels adjustment layer at the top so that every picture would be the same for levels.

This one is okay, I’m happy with how it turned out as far as camera movement goes. However, as crazy as Jasper can be, he wasn’t wanting to do much. In the one to the far left, he is jumping but you can’t tell. I have no clue what face he’s making in the one all the way to the right. Also, I had the flash set up because the lighting in my basement is pretty dim.

Next, I had him put his Halloween costume on.

clones gone wild-7

I won’t add all of the pictures here because there are quite a few more than the last set, but I will show this one. Because he is jumping, it is a little blurry and I got this ghost effect (around the tail and its scales). It makes it look like I didn’t photoshop very well in the final image.

jasper cloned

Some things that I would have changed about this…

  1. In photoshop I noticed that the camera was moving a lot. Next time I think that I need to place the camera on the tripod tighter.
  2. The picture in the bottom right corner is a little out of focus, so next time I should pay more attention to that. I think that the dinosaur/alligator costume was throwing me off a little bit.
  3. I wouldn’t use such a big space as this one maybe, but not as small as the blue backdrop. I couldn’t fit as many pictures into the blue backdrop picture but the lighting was good. In this alligator one, I could fit more pictures into one but I feel like the flash wasn’t the best idea. Looking at it now I think it’s okay, but I did fix each image individually in Lightroom.


Here I tried some sequence photography. I had Jasper stand on the couch and then told him to jump, and I tried taking pictures as quickly as I could. There is a little bit of space/time between him leaving the couch and touching the ground, so I should have done it again but I didn’t know this at the time.

It was fun to do this assignment again. It wasn’t my favorite last year, but I also had to be my own subject which took a long time (and I don’t love being in front of the camera).


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