Head Shots 2

After reviewing the first set of head shots, we went back and redid them.

I used my dad as a model again. The camera settings for the whole shoot will be:

  • ISO: 100
  • SHUTTER SPEED: 1/125 second
  • APERTURE: f/9.0


final 1

Here, I not only got closer in person but also cropped it tighter in Lightroom. Then I took it to Photoshop to do some retouching. I tried to brighten the eyes just a tiny bit, but now I think it might be too much. On another note, I read this tutorial on how to diminish wrinkles. I think I did a pretty good job at that. Overall, I like this pose.

final 2

This pose is alright. I like that he is facing towards the camera, and he really has his forehead out. However, the eyes are blurry.

final 3

This pose is okay, but I don’t love it. Something that was mentioned with my other pictures was that the thumb was distracting. I either needed to completely get rid of it or show more of the hands. I was trying here to show more of the hands, but it didn’t work out so well. In the future, I think I would just omit the hands. However, I like the other parts of this picture. Also, I feel like I did better on the eyes in Photoshop than the first picture I showed. I realize that you only need very light retouching, so I try to be very mild. final 4I like this one quite a bit. The eyes aren’t overdone (in my opinion, anyway), it’s cropped in pretty tight, and he has his forehead out.

final 5

This picture is alright, but I don’t love the facial expression he has here. I might have had him sit back a little bit more or put his shoulders up a bit.

final 6

I like this one. I had him face his body to the right, turn his head towards me, and dip his shoulder down towards the floor. I also tried to get him to put his forehead out, which worked okay right here but not quite as good as he did before.

final 7

In this picture, I think I told him to put his forehead out more. I also believe that I told him to “squinch”, using the trick where you have the person lean their head back and look at you.

I’m not sure which set of head shots are better. There are things that I don’t like in the first set that I tried to fix in this set, but then there are even new ‘problems’ that I realized with this set.





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