Documentary / Thanksgiving Break

I recently had a 5-day break for Thanksgiving, and over that time I was supposed to try documentary photography.

Sort of like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.45.36 AM


I went into my parents room while my dad was on his iPad, and sat on the little couch at the end of their bed. I took maybe three pictures of him before he asked me what I was doing. I don’t know why I felt like taking a picture of this, but I guess I needed somewhere to start. I kept this one in color, rather than changing it to black and white.


Here is one from Thanksgiving day, of my niece and dad. Neither of them were looking at the camera. Rylie is looking off at her parents, and my dad is looking at Rylie.


Here it is in B&W. I kind of like it this way, because then the colors and patterns are quite as distracting. Instead, you’re focused more on what’s going on.


Here is another of Rylie, but this time you don’t see my dad. This one looks alright in color, but…


…I prefer it in b&w.

Here are some more of them together, in color though.


This is the picture from above, but in black and white. I like this one in black and white better, because then you are more likely to focus on their facial expressions instead. If you look closely at Rylie (the baby) you can see a big smile on her face.


Same thing as before, you can see what’s happening and the connection between them rather than the polka dots and pink flower.


So that was Thanksgiving Day.

The day after, my dad took my nephew and me to cut down a tree.


Here, you can see Jasper (nephew) running with a snowball.


Here he is holding a snowball again and looking up at this tree. I really like this one, because he didn’t realize I was taking a picture (or didn’t care).


Here, I took a picture from behind while they were walking. I also included their shadows, because I think it adds another element.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy these pictures in B&W. I like them better in color, so I left them that way.


Then I went to the lighting ceremony downtown that evening, but I ended up being more focused on my friends than taking pictures. Especially considering that I couldn’t even see over the people in front of me.


I tried to get a picture of some of the advertisers, but this happened.


I noticed that this lady in front of me was filming the whole time and staring at the parade through her phone, so I tried to get a few pictures. This is all that showed up. But after this, I put my camera away.

And that was my break!


As a side note, I took this picture and like it a lot but I don’t think it really fits under the documentary category because Jasper was aware of me and the camera.

picture-16 copy

I also like it in black and white, and cropped a little tighter. It makes his facial expression stand out a little more.

That’s all!



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