The assignment this weekend was “holiday” theme. It’s not going to be graded but I still wanted to post some of my pictures.

holiday-1I started with these seashell lights that we have hanging up. The shutter speed was at 1.6 of a second, and then I moved my camera around a bit to make the lights look like this. It’s not anything special but it was fun to experiment with. holiday-2Next, I put a couple of ornaments up and tried to take pictures of them. Personally, I think this one is a little on the dark side and I probably could have lightened it up more. holiday-3Here it is from another, I went to the other side of the ball and took a picture. I realized that the lights were in the background, and I liked that. So I went ahead and messed around with that some more…holiday-5holiday-8

…also switching colors at one point. Now, I realize that all of these are a little on the dark side. But when I turned on my flash on, I didn’t like the effect (picture under this will show you).


So I just stuck with the lamp I had that was facing up towards the tree. I just didn’t like the harshness of the flash on these ornaments.


This is probably the worst example of bokeh. but I thought I’d give it a try. This is the only one I took, but I thought that I could still throw it in here.

I would have been more excited about this assignment, if we had more decorations up and maybe there was more snow outside already.



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