This last week we have been working on Public Service Announcements. The theme I was working around was bullying. I used my nephew as a model.

Before I took my own pictures, I googled something along the lines of “kids looking sad”. Then I put some text on the background, and came up with these:

(Feel free to laugh at my poor drawn one on the right)

After that, I went to my nephew’s house and took pictures of him. I brought my lighting kit, but the flash was out of battery power.

psa 1psa 2psa 3 v2

Overall, I’m sort of disappointed with the way these turned out. His face expression in the first and second one are great (in my opinion), but in the middle one it is a little fake. With the middle picture, I started telling him sad stories or saying “imagine all your cookies fell on the floor and you can’t eat them”. However, he then made that face. So in the first and last one, I tried to make a face and have him imitate it.

The thing that I really don’t like about these is the lighting. I had him sitting by the door under the lamp that they have. It casted weird shadows across his face though. When I used my camera flash, it overexposed everything. I would just redo these pictures but it’s not so easy to get my nephew around.

My favorite one is probably the first one, but I hate how dark his eyes are.

Another note: I took the CDA School district logo and put it on each poster.

Here are some variations on the first poster:

psa 1 v2With this one, I just took the saturation and vibrance down. I can’t tell if it creates a dramatic effect or if it just makes him look like a creepy vampire.

psa 1 v3With this one, I made it completely black and white. I feel like that takes away the color and makes you focus on him and his face, rather than the colors.

12/18 Update:

I went back and looked through the rest of the pictures I took to see if there was anything usable.

psa 4.jpg

It’s another one where he is making the fake sad face, but his eyes are more clear in this one than in the one right above.

That’s all!



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