Free Choice: Different Perspectives

This weekend we had a free choice assignment. I decided to go back to a photo 1 assignment we did, which was capturing our neighborhoods. I tried this combined with some “shoot from the hip” photos as well. To refresh my mind on this subject, I took a look at these articles {x} {x}.

free choice 1This one isn’t really a different perspective, but it’s of the park in my neighborhood. I really like the way that this one turned out, because of the sky. Also, the snow here might have a lot of track marks but it’s not quite as dirty as some of the other snow around. I ran this through Photomatix (HDR) to make the sky look better.

free choice-2This is of my kitchen, and I thought it’d be good to try a different perspective. The photo itself isn’t anything special, however I was just working on looking at things from a different angle.

free choice-3With this one, I tried to get the fan in frame too so as to show that this was from up high (I stood on the counter to get this).

free choice-4Here, I laid down on the ground to get a picture of the room. This one turned out a bit dark, and it started to look weird when I tried brightening it up in Lightroom.

free choice-5Here is another picture from a low angle. Again, it’s nothing special but it shows that I was trying to work from a different angle.

free choice-7free choice-8free choice-6

Here are some of my street that I shot “from the hip” (where you hold your camera at waist/hip height and take pictures). I don’t love how these turned out, for a couple reasons. First, the coloring wasn’t great. For example, the snow has quite a bit of dirt in it and the sky is just one big sheet of gray. I realize that there wasn’t anything that I could do about it, but it doesn’t make for a ‘pretty’ picture. Second, the mountains in the back aren’t very visible without zooming in. But once you zoom in, you’ve lost the street. In reality, you can see the mountains nice and clear and they look great. These pictures I took just don’t do it justice.

That’s all for now.







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