You’ve probably heard and used phrases such as “It was a piece of cake!” or “It’s raining cats and dogs!” many times. When you put these phrases into photography, though, they become literal.

I took a look at this site and Google images for inspiration and ideas.

idioms-2The first one I did was “piece of cake”. I even broke out the lighting kit, since the windows weren’t letting in enough light and the natural lighting just wasn’t cutting it.


  • ISO 400
  • APERTURE f/5.6
  • SHUTTER SPEED 1/60 sec

I can’t remember what setting the flash was on. I think I had the power set at something like 1/64. I had the soft box fairly close to the cake.

idioms-4.jpgHere is another picture for the “piece of cake” idiom.


  • APERTURE: changed to f/10

I used the lighting kit here as well. I don’t like how yellow this picture is, though. I tried to fix that in Photoshop/Lightroom, but it didn’t do much.

I tried running these individual pictures through Photomatix, like I did with the fork below, but it just didn’t turn out like I wanted so I left them as they were.

idioms-7_SoftYou can probably guess that this one is for “fork in the road”. One thing that could have made this picture better was to find a place where the road ‘forks’ off into two different paths or so and then lay the fork down in between.


  • ISO 400
  • APERTURE f/5.6
  • SHUTTER SPEED 1/60 sec

I didn’t use the lighting kit here, as I was outside during the day and felt that it was bright enough. I could have used the kit, but it just didn’t seem necessary. I also ran this picture through Photomatix, and I like the results.

   Before & After 


This one is for “every cloud has its silver lining”. #c0c0c0 is the color code for silver, so I typed that out along the cloud’s edge. I tried putting the actual text in silver as well but it didn’t show up so well.


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