Film Noir

This weekend I tried my hand at a photography style called “Film noir”.

Here is my inspiration:

And now on to my photos…

multiple exposures-3.jpg

multiple exposures-2.jpgThese two are basically the same idea, just from different angles. I desaturated everything but the red on the shoes. Usually I stay away from the color spot stuff, but I saw some examples of it when looking at Film Noir pictures.

multiple exposures-4 layer masked

I don’t love this picture. It was difficult to get the red shoes to be perfectly colored, due to my feet being in the shoes for this picture. Also I have always thought the arches on my feet are weird.

multiple exposures-5.jpg

Again, with the red shoes and color spot stuff. In reality, these looked very nice against the black piano. However, the surface of the piano is almost like glass so it reflects super well. So if I was straight on with the piano, I was in the shot. If I was to the side, you could see the stuffed animal and balloons in the background. I also should have closed the blinds, but then I wouldn’t have enough light and I think the flash would have made a weird effect on the piano surface.

multiple exposures-10 cardsMy next couple of images revolve around playing cards. I had to google “what is a good hand in poker” because I had no idea. Adding something like a couple poker chips or maybe a bottle of a certain liquid would have been good but we didn’t have anything in our house. With this specific image, I tried the whole black and white except for red thing. I sort of like it, but I like the color pictures better for the cards. multiple exposures-10I think this is the same image, but just with color. I made sure to pick red cards, because red is usually a good color for film noir. The tablecloth also happened to be red, which worked in my favor. There is a little lace covering over it, so I just folded it back a bit. It’s still in the picture, but not right up against the cards (which are also white, so I feel like that’s too much white in one place). multiple exposures-11

This is similar, except I tried one of the effects my camera has. I think it was something like “toy camera”. Usually I don’t use effects on my camera, because I would rather do something to it in photoshop than mess it up while shooting. This picture kind of has a slight vignette around it. The red really stands out in my opinion.

I really liked this project, it was right up my alley. I like these photos but like always, I could have done even better. I didn’t get any portraits because I didn’t know who to ask to be a model.



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