Spring Break 2016

This is a collection of the pictures I took over spring break! Note: They are NOT in chronological order. I went to Leavenworth, WA, then Lake CDA drive, and then I took my nephew to the park. However, the pictures are all jumbled up.

mom-3I took my nephew, Jasper, to McEuen park (near Tubbs Hill). He has always been the best photography subject in my family. It was a little too bright outside, so he couldn’t keep his eyes open even when we turned away from the sun. I let him put his hand up, and I don’t think it really ruins the picture anymore than squinted eyes would. mom-4I like this one. I told him he could close his eyes if he wanted to, and I think it made a nice picture. I like that there’s a lot going on in the background but it’s out of focus. I like that he’s smiling a more genuine smile–compared to other pictures. I try to avoid telling him “smile!” because I read an article once about kid photography and how you should never directly tell them to smile. mom-5This picture is a little dark, but I sort of like it. I tried to take the burn tool in photoshop and darken the green play equipment to the left, but I couldn’t do too much without making things look bad. spring break-1This is of the sidewalk in Leavenworth, WA. It’s a cute little German-style town. I used the dodge and burn tool to try and highlight the sidewalk and benches and to try and make the cars less noticeable. spring break-3This picture isn’t fantastic but I like it. For some reason I just like how it captures human interaction. The hands and bag aren’t very in focus but that’s not the point. spring break-5This is a street sign in Leavenworth with their flag to the right. I like how everything is sort of a neutral color but then you have the bright blue on the flag that stands out.spring break-12After we got back from Leavenworth, I headed out to Coeur d’Alene drive. For this picture, I set the camera in the grass sort of and had it on autofocus. I couldn’t manually focus, to do so I would have had to lay down in the grass and I wasn’t in the mood to. I enjoy this picture, as it has nice clouds and a clear blue sky in the background. Then you might be able to see there are little white flowers in the grass. spring break-13The flowers are a little more prominent in this picture, but not by much. spring break-15Here is a panorama of lake CDA. I think this is a good picture for a couple reasons.

  • The branches on the left side
  • The fluffy white clouds against the blue sky
  • The water is shining a little bit
  • The grass is starting to get green
  • You can see the lake, the pathway, and the road all at once

spring break-4Here is a window in Leavenworth, WA. I don’t know what it was about this window that compelled me to take a picture, but I sure liked the way it looked. spring break-10spring break-9These two are from CDA drive. I feel like it gives kind of an eery feeling with the trees being leafless and the sign that says “KEEP OUT”. spring break-8spring break-7spring break-11Here are some nice landscape shots of CDA drive. The last one is my favorite, because the lake is shiny, the clouds are fluffy, and the mountains are in frame. spring break-6This picture doesn’t have a whole lot of value, I just really like taking pictures of fluffy white clouds. I thought it turned out nice, but like I said it’s not anything special. mom-6Here is another shot from McEuen park with Jasper. He had climbed to the top of this play equipment and looked over the edge at me. I think it’s a cute picture, and in my mind it looks like he’s much higher up than he was in reality. The only thing about this is the shadows on his face are a little harsh. Now I realize that we had a whole assignment dedicated to fixing this, but it’s not super easy to carry a lighting kit around a busy park and my built-in flash wasn’t cutting it.

mom-7His face in this picture isn’t in focus, but I thought I’d add this picture anyway simply because I love his face expression in this picture.

Something we learned in class yesterday was how to download and use Lightroom presets…

I used this picture and applied three different presets to compare and contrast. The first one is titled “Old school HDR”. It kind of has a look to it as if it was processed with HDR software. The second picture has a preset called “Silky Presets–Soft Enhance”. It softens the picture up and adds a different color to it. The last one is called “B&W Berkeley”. I like this one quite a bit, however with this specific picture it made everything a little dark. I turned the exposure up but then I thought it was too bright, and it was hard to find a good middle ground.

presets fun-2.jpg

Here is the last picture, with the Old School HDR preset. I like this one a lot, the preset just changes the picture so much (but in a good way).

So that was my Spring Break!



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