The assignment this weekend was “shapes or color”. You picked one of the two and went with it. If you chose shape, then you had the option of doing more than one shape. However, if you went with color you had to stick with one color for the whole blog post. I took a look at this article for inspiration.

shape-1With this picture, I was going for the shape that is created by the handrails. I’m not sure what the name of the shape would be but there’s definitely a shape there!shape-4shape-5Same thing with these two as the first picture. The second picture definitely has a square. The thing that I liked about the railings was that they had nice, contrasting colors with their background. shape-3This is the arrow on the ground that tells you which way to drive. I would consider an arrow to be a shape on its own, but if you don’t then look at this as a triangle on top of a rectangle. shape-2This picture turned out kind of cool. There was a parking garage of sorts behind the reddish bars, but it was so bright out that the camera didn’t pick up any of the inside. There are quite a few different shapes going on here. shape-13shape-9With these lifeguard posts, you can see a couple different triangles in various places. Also, the platform pieces are squares. shape-10shape-12The shadow of these objects created shapes. On the top one, the bench has some rectangular boards. On the bottom one, this tire thing has multiple shapes. shape-7This one is sort of obvious, it’s just one of those square plate things downtown along the beach. shape-14This one is a bit obvious as well. I’m pretty sure this is where a tree would usually go, but there wasn’t one there so I could see the circle shape more clearly.

With these three sets, I felt like the original pictures were a bit of a stretch for shape or just didn’t seem very clear. So, I went into photoshop and marked out some of the shapes that I was seeing.

I liked this assignment. It was one of those things that helped me take a look around at my environment and actually notice small details that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. That’s what I think is great about photography; it really helps you notice the small details.


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