Free Choice: Nik and Lightroom

The weekend assignment was free choice. I decided to work on some pictures using the program Nik. It’s an extension/plug-in for Adobe products, which allows you to edit your pictures in a different way.

flower-9Here is the picture before. This is of Hayden Lake, off of Dike road. My goal with this picture was to add some HDR effects.


  • ISO 100
  • APERTURE f/5.6
  • SHUTTER 1/500 sec

Notice that in this original picture, it is a little dull. Everything looks okay.

flower-10 editHere is the after picture. I was going back and forth trying to decide if this looks overdone, but I think it’s alright. The sky is a deeper blue, the clouds and mountains really pop, and the lake is nice and shiny. I feel like between the two, the second image captures one’s attention better.

jasper silver efex.jpg

With this picture, I added a black and white effect to it called “Silver Efex”. It’s just like a black and white filter, pretty much. I really enjoy pictures in black and white, as I feel like it forces you to look at what’s really going on in the picture. If there’s a bunch of color, the picture tells your mind what to think. But with black and white, your mind thinks what it wants of the picture.


For the third and last picture, I used these wonderful flowers on some trees downtown. Then using Lightroom, I added a preset. So although this isn’t Nik, I was still working along the lines of trying something different with my pictures. The preset is called “Warm Retro”. It gives it sort of a vintage look almost, in my opinion.

This assignment was really about trying something different with my pictures, rather than just always doing the same basic edits on them every time. It forced me to work out of my comfort zone with photoshop and whatnot.




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