Classic Paintings

The assignment this weekend was to recreate classic paintings.

Here are the pictures I used as inspiration.

First, I started with the top left picture.paintings-1 copy

I used my lighting kit to get a high-key lighting on his face. I then painted out the background in Photoshop. With the lighting kit, I had it off to my left and pointed directly at his face. I kept it fairly close, as I did want harsh shadows on the other side of his head. I think it worked out pretty well.

paintings-2 copy.jpgNext I worked on the Mona Lisa painting. I had my dad put a towel over his head to act as hair. I used my lighting kit and positioned it so that it was pointing straight at him, but kept it a couple feet back to avoid harsh shadows.

paintings-3 copy

Finally, I worked on the screaming man. I added a filter in Photoshop to make this look more like a painting. I also changed the color balance to give it more of a blue hue, sort of like the original. I didn’t use my lighting kit for this one, as we took the picture outside.

One good thing about this assignment was that it forced me to use the lighting kit and work with it a little bit more.



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