Joel Grimes Inspired

This past week, we have been working on pictures that are inspired by Joel Grimes. He takes HDR background pictures and combines them with high quality lighting portraits, such as you will see below…

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.11.56 AM.png

Let’s start!

final.jpgHere, I have a portrait of my niece, Hattie. I also have an HDR background that I took at school. I kept trying to switch Hattie from the left side to the right side, but then the background flipped as well. I guess I need to try swapping her beforehand, and then placing her in the picture.

hattie 2I flipped the background but kept her on the left side.

hdr jpegs-55_HDRWith this picture, I used a portrait of my dad and combined it with a different HDR background. I feel like the lighting on his face is fairly even. I didn’t use the lighting kit with my niece, we were right next to a large window during the day.

The one thing I might do different with these pictures is get more of the person in frame, rather than have a close-up of their face.





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