Location Portraits

This weekend, we were to shoot portraits with a more interesting background than the white wall in our living room. This is referred to as location portraiture. We talked about a specific photographer in class that does this very well. He uses a lighting kit to fill in the shadows on the face of the subject.

jpegs-2jpegs-4Here are some portraits I took of my dad, indoors. The weather wasn’t very nice outside and I didn’t feel like going out. However, I feel as though the lighting on his face is relatively decent (especially in the first picture). I think that not he second one there are some shadows on the left side of his face due to the light box being too far to the right. I did my best to edit his skin in photoshop (there’s nothing actually ‘wrong’ with it, I’m just trying my hand at editing). In that top picture, his thumbs were distracting so I clone-stamped them out but now I feel like it makes the picture weird.


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