Summer EOCA: Life

It’s that time of year again! Yep, finals week! The EOCA for photography class is fairly similar to last semester’s. You pick a theme and shoot pictures centered around that, grab a Peter Hurley portrait, and throw in some portfolio pictures.



For new pictures, I needed to pick a theme. The one that stood out to me the most was life.

hattie toesTo start things off, here is a picture of my niece, Hattie, and her foot. She is only a baby, and I’ve always thought that babies represent life. Every time that I look at her and she looks at me, I’m pretty sure she’s the best thing in the world at that moment. Her little toes are small now, but one day they’ll be bigger and they’ll take her far. I like the contrast in this picture between her feet and the grass.

eoca 2-2Here is a picture of some sheet music I have. I believe it’s a Scott Joplin piece, but I’m not sure. Some sort of ragtime song. Anyways, music is everything for me in life. It all started with piano when I was 8 and just snowballed from there. From playing to listening, it’s a big part of me. This picture signifies that. I tried to get just the first measure into focus and leave the rest out of focus to create a shallow depth of field. I believe I used a preset in Lightroom, Berkley B&W. The only thing I can think of that would make this picture better would be to add some color. I remember seeing a picture that had a red felt heart cut out and placed among the sheet music.

kyleHere is a picture of my sister’s dog, Kyle. He is very energetic and full of life, so I feel like he fits into this theme. You probably noticed that one of his eyes is blue and the other is brown, almost black. That’s what I like the most about this picture. There might be a preset on this as well, but I can’t remember. The one thing that bothers me about this picture is that his nose isn’t quite as in focus as it should be. The other thing I like about this is that he’s looking at me. The other pictures have him looking away, distracted.

lucy And here we have Lucy. This is another niece of mine that is just as energetic as Kyle. I have the same feeling whenever she looks at me. In this picture, you can tell that something has captured her attention and a small smile is starting to poke through. I can’t put into words how it represents life but I feel as though it does. The thing I love most about this picture is how vibrant her eyes are; they just really stand out among everything else. Another element that I like is that you can sort of see my mom and Hattie sitting on the grass in the background (top left).

butterflyAnd last but not least, I have this picture of a butterfly. We found this up at English Pointe. Zack is apparently a butterfly whisperer and was able to hold it for quite a few shots. I feel like this represents life, because the butterfly will only live for so long yet it takes its time to sit with us for awhile. It only has so much time to live and it still finds purpose each day. I like this picture because most of the colors are neutral and then you have the orange spots on its wings. Also, the grass and most of Zack’s hand is out of focus but the whole butterfly is nice and sharp. This is by far my favorite picture of the year. I don’t feel like there is much to improve on in this picture, except that maybe the antanaes didn’t quite make it into the focus.

This EOCA was probably my favorite out of all the photography finals I have worked on. I am sad to leave photography class, but now I can go out on my own and use the skills I’ve learned.






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